Bill Heacock, principle instructional designer for HPA, has spent over 20 years helping organizations all over the world develop learner-centered, instructionally sound training programs. He has also spent many years conducting an Instructional Design workshop, teaching a systematic and efficient course design process to other designers and subject matter experts. In addition to his own expertise, Bill can call on the services of other experienced HPA partners to handle course design projects of virtually any size. We can help you design:

  • Traditional classroom instruction
  • Virtual classroom instruction. (live on-line)
  • Self-directed eLearning
  • Blended learning

How we do it:

We use an efficient, performance-based, learner-centered instructional design process to ensure that any training program we develop is highly interactive and directly responsive to specific business needs.
Working with your subject-matter experts we can:

  • Design a customized training program from scratch to your specifications. We
    can work with any delivery method from traditional classroom to self-paced eLearning.
  • Assist your own course designers when a project is either too big or the timeline too
    short to be completed without outside help.
  • Train your course designers or subject matter experts in proven course design
  • Review or evaluate existing training programs for conformance with “best practices” in
    instructional design
  • Review or evaluate existing training programs for possible conversion to alternative
    delivery methods or blended learning solutions.


We can help you design traditional classroom-based instruction, virtual classroom instruction (live-on line), self-paced eLearning, or a blended solution.