Q: So, what makes you different than your competitors?

A: Essentially, 4 things:

  • Most of our courses are taught by the founder of HPA, Bill Heacock. He has been designing and delivering training for over 20 years, and brings all of that experience to your program.
  • We “practice what we preach”. Even as you are learning a design or delivery skill, you are watching it being modeled in the very course you are attending. If we don’t use it ourselves, we don’t teach it.
  • Everything we include in our seminars and workshops is practical and easy to apply. We’ve done all the research, explored all the theory, and have boiled the content down to something you can immediately use.
  • We customize¬†our programs to your company. We work with you in advance to build terminology, concepts, and issues relevant to your organization or industry into our course materials.


Q: How do we know that we will be able to apply what you teach?

A: In virtually all of our workshops, we request that you bring your own training subject matter with you. Rather than practicing on “generic” exercises during class, you will work on your own project. We like to “keep it real”.

Q: Where is your schedule of your open-enrollment or public workshops?

A: Unlike other seminar companies, which publish such lists and then cancel many of their programs when the numbers don’t add up, we ask you to contact us with your interest. We then work to put a special program together in your geographic area.

Q: What is your pricing?

A: Call us at 352-379-4667. In some cases, depending upon the number of participants and other variables, we can give you custom pricing for your specific program.